Squash courts

Looking for a supplier for your new squash court? Select ASB Squash Courts - a German brand with over 40 years experience in developing and refining their courts. Optimum physical properties, easy maintenance and enjoyment of the game are the reasons why there are over 17,000 of them worldwide! Warranty for each panel is 10 years, even though service life is much longer.

ASB Squash Courts meets the standards of World Squash Federation, World International Squash Players Association and the Professional Squash Association.
Ten Reasons why choose ASB Squash Courts:

  1. All surfaces are even - ready to assemble elements have the width of the squash court.
  2. The walls of an ASB court are filled with compressed silica sand to make sure that the ball rebound is always the same.
  3. The complete surface of an ASB court has a good "sound" — no matter which wall the ball hits. The walls do not have any cavities and this helps to avoid unpleasant hollow sound.
  4. All ASB courts have the same dimensions, same construction and they are standardized, no matter where you play...
  5. ASB courts do not have any joints — there are no height differences. And therefore no misbouncing of the ball, that is what the players want.
  6. All details fit perfectly and everything is well connected. The planning is easy for the architect — your centre will have a clear design.
  7. ASB courts require only little maintenance. The cleaning of the walls and the floor is really simple and fast.
  8. Long and high durability. Courts that were built 30 years ago are still played on today — ASB has got loyal customers and friends all over the world.
  9. Many innovations for squash courts are from ASB. ASB is constantly developing its products. ASB quality is unique.
  10. ASB courts are absolutely independent from the statics of the building (cracks in the walls), from temperature differences and from sound transmission to the surrounding building walls.

Our philosophy

We aim to address the needs and requirements of our customers promptly, professionally and comprehensively. Our priority is to propose an optimum solution for your sports center in terms of layout and price. Tell us what you need and we will find a solution for you!